What Do You Expect?

What do your co-workers expect of you? What do you expect of them? Of yourself? Understanding what’s expected is a key for professional development, for decision-making, for team-building, and for any significant achievement. “I know what she expects, I’ll do it.” “They expect me to lead, I’ll get in front.” “They want me to sell, I’ll learn how.” “He esteems honesty, I’ll tell the truth.”

We learn what’s expected by asking, listening, and observing, continuing to dig deeper for more complete understanding. It’s simple: we get better answers when we ask better questions. Duh! To manage anything, you need clarity, you need foreknowledge, you need agreement. You’re looking for specifics, not vague generalities.

“I want you to eat that elephant,” she demanded. He replied: All of it? When do you want me to start? How long will I have to finish? How often will we meet to discuss my progress? When and where will we meet? At what time? What’s our standard agenda for those meetings? What’s my reward for eating the whole elephant? For eating part of it? What happens if I get sick? What’s my budget? Are we insured if I eat the wrong elephant? Do I have movie rights? Will I star as me?

From the sublime to the ridiculous—know what’s expected! And keep on asking sincerely: What do you expect of me?

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