What Does That Mean?

Most of us speak in vaguely general terms; certainly at the formulation of a new vision, a new idea, a new endeavor. If we don’t clarify our idea further so we know the direction to go to make progress, we start and stop, waste irrecoverable time, go the wrong direction, and are deeply disappointed with our results. My favorite question to help clarify what I want, to provide direction, to motivate me to stay on track is: WDTM—What does that mean? I ask myself, I ask my loved ones, and I ask my clients: What does that mean? When you say this, what do you mean? I may know what I mean when I say those words, but I can’t know what they mean until they further explain. They’ll clarify it for both of us! To do anything of significance, you must clarify what it looks like, feels like, smells like, and keep it in your face, in your thoughts, top-of-mind! The more you focus, the more you progress toward what you truly want.

Besides vaguely general, much of what we say is automatic, uninspiring, and uncommitted. For instance: I need to get healthy. What does that mean? I want to hire better people. What does that mean? I dream of financial independence. What does that mean? Our question demands an answer and we’ll get one if we stay quiet long enough to hear it. Our answers clear the path for action; we go from sleep-inducing to fire-starting to life-changing! As we answer the question, What does that mean?, it stimulates our brain and we get insights that just moments ago did not exist in our world!

When I say things that have no life, no clarity, no force—no ability to get me heated-up; they have no oooomph—I’m the proverbial potato on a couch. When I define what I want and can see it and I make it come alive in my mind—I’m fired-up, shorts-a-jumpin’—now I’m kick-started to do something about it, to sprint forward, to make things happen that make a difference for me! I have a clear vision and a definite expectation and it propels me to achievement. How? How did I get there? What’s my mystical secret, my ultra-complicated, super-duper-wow magic trick? I ask my favorite question—What does that mean? over and over and over again. And, hey! since it gets me results, I do it more and more and more.

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