What Gives Meaning To Your Life?

What gives meaning to your life? What’s your purpose? Could you answer if you had more time? It bothered me when I didn’t know my purpose, my reason for being, for getting up and doing what I did.

I decided to figure it out. I asked myself questions, I thought about it, I made notes, I read books. I listened to experts. It began rough and smoothed out over time. I asked uncomfortable questions, wrote my ideas down, and gained invaluable insights into who I was and what I wanted to become.

I began to understand myself and define Me better! It was a long, rambling, vague, many-paged endeavor. It morphed into something with meaning, became more concrete, more definite, more seeable. And more doable!

I combined key ideas, re-formed and re-crystallized what I thought I had meant. Clarity ensued: down to eighty-five words, then thirty, then six: Learn and share; change the world. I’d chosen my purpose. It gave meaning to my life, it still does. What gives meaning to your life?

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