What’s Your PPP?

I ask salespeople I train to define their PPP—their Perfect Profiled Prospect. I ask EVERYONE to define their Perfect Profiled Person. Figure out exactly who you’re looking for. Here’s mine.

My Perfect Profiled Person is someone who:

  • I like, trust, and appreciate            
  • is serious about their own success and act like it
  • can understand the benefits of working with a coach
  • responds positively to suggestions, training, and books
  • is “into” personal and professional development
  • can admit they’re wrong, apologize, fix their mistake, and confirm it’s fixed
  • likes and respects salespeople and understands their value
  • is eager to learn and at least tries hard to complete assignments
  • is a person of integrity and empathy
  • has balls (non-gender) and is trainable
  • will answer appropriate questions and is cooperative
  • doesn’t often procrastinate and never when dealing with truly important issues
  • shows commitment and loyalty to others and to themself
  • has played sports or has other team involvement and experience
  • “gives back” because they feel that it’s the right thing to do
  • gets there on time and knocks before entering
  • has a sense of humor
  • is a polite badass

I used to say just: I’m looking for someone who is hardworking, ethical, and trainable. I’ve worked on my definitions. I’ve clarified my vision of who I’ll spend my life with. I know exactly what I’m looking for and that’s my PPP…my perfectly profiled prospect, my perfectly profiled person. If you’re up on my FoodChain, you already know you’re either getting closer to that ideal or you’re falling in my esteem!

Now you know mine. What’s yours?

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