While You Still Have Time!

I talk to people, young and old, who are unsure of what they should be doing with their lives. They question their purpose, the meaning of their lives, what’s important. They’re undecided and they get stuck.

I recommend they answer this question—What would you do if you had just six months to live? If you had half-a-year, in perfect health, and then, poof! you’re gone, what would you do? What would you not do? Who would you be with? Who would you not be with?

These questions force us to approach life from a different perspective. They establish a sense of urgency, addressing life as an emergency situation, rather than as if we have unlimited time to do everything we’ll ever want. With only six months to go, we wouldn’t want to waste our remaining time and energy—our fast-diminishing life—on the wrong activities, in the wrong places, with the wrong people.

So, if that’s what you’d be doing if you were living your last six months—that last one hundred and eighty-two days, including only 26 more Fridays, and maybe one final Thanksgiving dinner—shouldn’t you make your changes now, while you still have the time?

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