Why Should I Listen To Him?

I was listening to my favorite Brian Tracy audio program, How To Master Your Time. Why is it my all-time favorite? Because it’s much more than time management; it’s optimizing your life by prioritizing what’s important, then scheduling activities so you’ll accelerate your progress.

Here are just a few of his nuggets which help re-focus my life every time I listen to it. It might just do the same for you! Enjoy them. Benefit by them. Share them with people you love.

1. Turn you car into a University on wheels (Listen to self development audios while driving).

2. Leaders are readers (No argument from me; it’s how I gained invaluable knowledge, studying genius).

3. Speed reading (What a competitive advantage: being able to process unlimited material while others complain of never having the time).

4. Take better notes (He who takes the best notes wins!).

5. Dominate the listening (Telling isn’t selling).

6. He who has an agenda controls the meeting (Try it, it works!)

7. Write your goals in the form of an affirmation (Present tense, personal, positive).

His program of time mastery is the single most valuable training course I’ve ever been exposed to for achieving what I want in my life. I suggest you check it out and add another invaluable weapon to your arsenal of life’s greatest knowledge!

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