You’ll Live Up To What You Write Down!

Harvard Business Review asked Dr. Robert Cialdini expert on persuasion: Why does getting it in writing matter? His response? People live up to what they write down.*

People live up to what they write down. It’s the reason for written, signed contracts, for written personal mission statements, for written goals and defined values. When you write out your goals and sign it, you’ve made a contract with yourself, you’ve outlined what you expect of you, and there’s a great chance that you’ll do it. Why? We live up to what we write down.

Your vision of your life, your core values, your personal and business mission, should be written down and signed. We live up to what we write down, especially when we sign our name. Choose what you wish to do. Choose how you want to be. Write it down. Define it. Sign it. Why? You’ll live up to what you write down.

* Influence: How To Get It; How To Use It,
HBR, Jul/Aug, 2013

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