Your Plan

You’ve decided what you want. Now, to decide what you’ll do. To get anywhere quickly, you follow a map. It outlines the path to your destination. For accelerated success, your written plan is your roadmap. It helps you achieve what you set out to and faster. You keep it simple and easy to understand so you can carry it out. Plans don’t have to be complicated or boring and also are not something to abandon quickly just because times get tough.

  1. Choose one goal.
  2. Write 3 simple actions you can take to get closer to your goal.
  3. Schedule those 3 things.
  4. Do what you’ve scheduled.
  5. Evaluate your progress.
  6. Adjust your plan accordingly.
  7. Write 3 simple actions to get closer to your goal.

Look at your written goals. Pick your priority, focus on it, do the work. Measure your progress to make sure you’re on track. Adjust what you need to when you know you should. Continue that process.

Can it get any simpler than that? You’ll get easy, early wins. They’ll boost your self-esteem, build your confidence, and encourage you to do even more. You’ll begin to believe you can get bigger wins. How? Set a goal, make a plan, do it, evaluate it, adjust it, continue the process.

Achieving more faster doesn’t have to be hard or dreary. Select any dream, set goals to achieve it, make a plan. Your plan will change early and often. Keep your eye on the prize and get there faster. How? Your plan.

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